Ashes Scattering Ceremony

Scattering the ashes of those close to you, can provide a sense of completeness for the whole family.

Optional ways to scatter ashes ... 

  • The anniversary of a death
  • A specific living request and specific site
  • Where the living feel that the Departed loved to spend their time here on earth
  • Around a Hobby, or other favoured activity
  • Privately, or with only a few other people
  • At a Large, Medium or Small Memorial Service
  • From a boat at sea
  • From an Honour Ring at the beach
  • In their favourite Park
  • Beneath a tree that will always be a place for the living to return to feel closer to the Departed

Bliss will help you and your family to celebrate the life of The Departed.

Bliss conduct individually crafted and moving ceremonies to honour the memory of The Departed, and to bring the mourners peace.

Bliss help you take the first Healing Step to Closure.

Our Mourners tell us that they have arrived devastated, and leave on a more even keel.

That's only one way that Bliss can help you heal.